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Pilgrims Mennonite Church Resolution on Fracking

Pilgrims Mennonite Church Resolution

Approved  9/20/2015


 Opposing to Hydraulic Fracking and Expanding the Natural Gas Pipeline Infrastructure in Pennsylvania


Pilgrims Mennonite Church of Akron, PA opposes high volume hydraulic fracturing (hydrofracking, Fracking). We call on our political representatives to stop fracking expansion and the plans to put in place up to 30,000 miles of natural gas pipelines in Pennsylvania that would support this industry (including the proposed 178 mile Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline).


Our faith and practices include a commitment to community and care of God’s creation. In states where there has been hydrofracking for several years, it has resulted in the loss of large amounts of fresh water and the release of toxins into the environment that damage communities where our sisters and brothers live.


We support legislation and incentives that promote research, development and use of renewable and sustainable energy; protect the air and water; enforce accountability for industries that risk environmental harm; and create economic policies that promote work for Pennsylvania residents that will lead to Creation-friendly energy sources.


We encourage Pilgrims Mennonite Church members to examine their own lives to find ways to reduce their need for fossil fuel energy and to consider joining in non-violent protests against fracking, natural gas pipelines and the expansion of the fossil fuel industry in our commonwealth. We urge all citizens in Pennsylvania and the United States to consider the long-term effects of hydrofracking on the water, land, and the community as a whole. We also encourage other faith communities to study this issue and take action to protect our Earth. Our faith calls us to stand against hydraulic fracturing and we invite other churches to join us in opposition to this practice.



+ Mennonite Creation Care Network

+ Protecting New York's Air, Water, Gas, People (NY state document, but information pertinent for PA)

+ Pennsylvania Guide to Hydraulic Fracturing or Fracking (NPR)

+ PA Pipleline Task Force and Planning for 25,000 - 30,000 Miles of PA Pipeline

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+ Brief Cartoon on Hydraulic Fracturing (


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